PTL Empire NEXPTT B7 Walkie Talkie: Ultimate Communication Solution

A "walkie-talkie" is a portable, handheld communication device that allows people to talk to each other over short distances using radio waves. It's a type of two-way radio that's commonly used for instant communication among individuals or groups who are relatively close to each other.

Walkie-talkies consist of a speaker, microphone, and transmitter in one unit. When you speak into the microphone, your voice is converted into radio signals and transmitted wirelessly to another walkie-talkie. The receiving walkie-talkie then converts the radio signals back into audio, allowing the recipient to hear what was said.

- Compact & Heavy-duty Design.
- Support Zello. RealPTT & Nexptt Ptt Communication(3 type)
- Huge Battery Capacity 6800mah Li-ion.
- Sealing Passes Rain Testing Per Ip54.
- All Call, Group Call & Individual Call.
- 6800mah Big Battery Supper Long Standby.
- Supberb Clear and Powerful Audio Output.
- Support 2g/3g/4g/lte B1/2/3/4/5/8/38/39/40/41.
- 1.77inch Color Screen. No Touch Screen. Keypad Key in.
- Anti-fall, Dustproof With Sturdy Shell, Multi-protective Design.
- Support Service Provider Postpaid or Prepaid. Maxis, Celcom, Digi, Umobile, Xox, Redtone, Tunetalk Etc..

Functional Description
Model: B7
Color: Black
Cpu: Qualcomm Msm8909
Ram: 1gb Ram
Os: Android 5.1.1 Os
Screen: 1.77inch
Mobile Internet: Data/wifi
Wifi: 2.4g B/g/n
Gps: a-gps
Bluetooth: V3.0
Ptt(Software): Zello Network App Intercom
Talk Time: About 1day
Standby Time: About 3day
Speaker: 1*20mm
Languages: English
Charging Port: Microusb
Battery Type: 6800mah
Size: 33*60*120mm
Weight: 0.20kg (Including Battery)

Package Included
1 * Antena
1 * 6800mah Battery
1 * Charger
1 * Usb Cable
1 * Belt Clip
1 * User Menual

No Cellular Coverage
Walkie-talkies use radio waves for communication, so they don't rely on cellular networks. This makes them suitable for remote areas or places with weak or no cellular signal.

Group Communication
Walkie-talkies allow for group communication, often on a specific channel. This is useful in activities like hiking, camping, construction sites, event management, and security operations where multiple team members need to stay in touch.

Real-Time Communication
Unlike texting or waiting for a call to connect, walkie-talkies offer instant voice communication, making them suitable for urgent situations.

Walkie-talkies are designed to be rugged and durable, making them suitable for outdoor activities and industrial use.

Walkie Talkie NEXPTT B7

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